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Adipex-P - Did anybody's insurance cover Adipex? If not around how much did it cost?

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MACE1010 29 Apr 2011

I just started taking phentermine which is another name for adipex. I called around to several different pharmacies and found it the cheapest at Sams Club. 30 tablets there is $14.95 capsules $21.63. I do not think any insurance will pay for it. I know mine would not.

aj128 29 Apr 2011

I dont think mine will either. They wont cover anything used for weight loss. They want you to loose weight but aren't willing to help you do it. I'm glad their not super expensive.

MACE1010 29 Apr 2011

I have only been on it for 3 days so not seeing any change in weight yet. I can say I am not hungery at all. Really having to almost make myself eat. I can not excerise due to other health problems. That will slow down my weight loss. Let know how you do with it once you get on it. Good luck.

aj128 1 May 2011

Well I'm sure it will start working soon. My mom took it about 15 years ago and lost over 100 lbs in about 8 months. I want to loose about 60 lbs so we'll see. Good luck with it. I have back problems too so I have a hard time exercising too but they told me if I loose weight it will be a lot better on my back so hopefully it works!.

MACE1010 2 May 2011

I understand about the excerise problem. I also have back problems, need knee replacement that doctors do not want to do at this time because of breathing problems. I have to use oxygen. So excerise is just about 0

InaT 20 Mar 2013

You can lose weight using Adipex by eating very healthy, small meals. Exercising is very good, especially for maintenance, but you definitely can lose weight without, so don't get discouraged. can help you. free discount card

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