My doctor and i talked about starting me on Adipex to help me shed the weight i had gain when i went through a really depressed stage in my life. I have no problem keeping my weight the same because i am active enough for it to remain steady. However, i just cant seem to get the weight off to a healthy weight to keep it there. So he prescribed it to me. I have now been on Adipex for 8 days and lost 3lbs and my aunt (who is also using Adipex herself) who recomended Adipex to me said in 8 days i should have lost more then 3lbs that the first two weeks in when the most weight loss occurs. The Dr, has me one the dosage of 1 full pill and its 37.5 mg. When she started she was only taking half of a pill is that the problem, or am i takeing the full pill because im younger then her and she should start slow. (shes 30 yrs old i'm 18 yrs old.) I hope to hear from someone who can clear up my few questions. Thank you.