I was wondering if someone could offer some advice / help... I have an 11 year old son who has ADHD. Over the past 2 years we have tried several different medications. we were on Concerta for a while but took him off as he was losing far to much weight and he is already under weight to begin with. right now were on biphentin40 mg. he seems to be OK during the day for school but notice he tends to lose focus for hockey in the evenings. My son plays AAA hockey and it is quite demanding and his medicines have a big impact on how he preforms on the ice. what is the best ADHD med for kids who have high sports demands after school that do not interfere with eating. also a big factor , we have notice over the past year. My son doesn't seem to get happy anymore. over anything. he got invited to go play hockey in Italy this summer and didn't show any emotions of excitement . he said he was excited but didn't show any emotions of excitement,. when ever I ask him how he feels he just says " I dunno , I'm fine I guess." I'm very concerned as the worst feeling is not seeing your child show excitement or happiness. has anyone else been through this ?? please help , I'm thinking of taking him off his medicines all together just so I can see him happy again.