Hello all,
I've been asking my psychatrist for months (10 months now since we've started seeing each other.) for medication for my ADHD to help with my absolute lack of focus and concentration, but she refuses to hand any prescriptions over to me in fear that they will elicit psychotic behaviors in me that would be detrimental. However, though "psychosis" is the diagnostic I've received, I only carry a few of the symptoms (like paranoia and delusions, and an occasional occasional lack of touch (or doubting) with reality.), but most of my symptoms would describe other statuses such as nevrosis, PTSD or even maybe schizophrenia rather than plain psychosis.

As such, I've been refuting her claims and trying to get this prescribed to me ASAP so I can start having better management of my symptoms and start treatment. (We've tried many antipsychotics and therapies over these months but nothing seems to work (literally, no effects at all.), so I've been arguing that instead of fighting an invisible psychosis, we should focus on ameliorating the points that are lacking in my life, that is, dealing with my ADHD and major anxiety and depression issues. Which would in turn probably make the effects of this apparent psychosis a lot less noticeable.)

What route should I be taking then, in this situation ... I'm pretty desperate, I've been suffering from these mental illnesses for many, many years and have at last decided to seek help -- help that unfortunately hasn't been doing much for me as it stands. I'm considering going to see another practicionner (psychiatrist if possible, but any doctor I guess if I have to) to see if I can get another diagnosis or at least tips on how to work the situation out.

Will be grateful for any advice. Also, how easy should it be for someone in a situation like mine to be prescribed anxiolytics and sedatives (the other 2 classes of drugs she refuses to prescribe, on top of ADHD prescriptions.)

More specifically, I live in Canada, and am covered both by public insurance plans and the Quebec welfare insurance plan.

Are there any possibilities I could call up a psychiatrist's office right up, or maybe just show up at any clinic (or comes to worst, an hospital) for being en route to better mental health care ??