I’m 42 yrs old. I was diagnosed with ADHD almost 20 yrs ago. To which I’ve been taking Ritalin. I also had gastric bypass surgery almost three years ago. I’ve also been diagnosed with depression and anxiety bout 6-8 months ago to which I was prescribed Paxil. Recently I was diagnosed with glaucoma. To which I was prescribed to take Combigan one drop in each eye twice a day. I also have to have a procedure on both eyes. The eye specialist I saw for the glaucoma pulled me off of the Paxil due to the fact it does or can contribute to the glaucoma. My psychiatrist is stumped on what to put me on. My question for someone can answer that has medical background. Since I’ve been taking the Ritalin for ADHD and I have had gastric bypass surgery. I need to know what antidepressants can I possibly take my psychiatrist or eye specialist look at that will be good to with Ritalin, not have NSAID's due to gastric bypass surgery, and won’t affect the glaucoma? As I’m a truck driver that hauls hazmat. Thanks.