My Dr prescribes me 30mgxr in the AM, and 30mg late afternoon. This has been my dose for about 6mths now, it was lower before. I am extremely busy, have awful ADHD, always late, very scattered, when meds are right I'm so much better. I want to up the dosage but don't want the Dr to think I am overdoing it. It helps a lot if I have a few extra leftover, and take an extra 30mg in the am with the 30mgxr. Sometimes I have time off and sleep and don't take the meds, so occasionally if I have 2 or 3 left, it is what I would take later in the day. It's a huge help, major difference, and a friend said just take your Pm dose in the AM then. I need that afternoon dose though, or I will be all over the place. So as a 125lb,healthy,female, about 5"5, is asking for that too much ? I know people who take high doses all day, for ADHD. I don't want my doctor to think I'm asking for too much, or abusing , I really just want to stay focused, on track, and I'm in school, (better late than never),plus jobS, and child, and helping 93yr old grandparents. So I am constantly on the go. Is this too much or normal? I'm talking about my body becoming immune, I know I do too much, but my husband died, I have no choice.