My son who is 8 has been on every kind of ADHD drug known, it seems.
My concern is it seems as though when the drug dont work and then the psyc. ups the med amount... he always gets MORE aggressive etc and is now also labeled ODD... then they want to add another drug... but will NEVER admit its the ADHD drugs doing it... does or has anyone ever had this problem? I am desperately seeking any info. on NATURAL alternatives to Drugs!!! I literally hate drugging my son and him being used as a guinea pig..besides he has asthma also and the psyc. just perscribed him Strattera--- which I have NOT given him yet as I read it would interact with his asthma inhaler... this makes me furious!!! Did the psch. not know this, dah... and wants him on both Concerta and Strattera... he is only 8 years old and I hate this... he has been on meds since the age of 5 and I cannot take it anymore when it comes to drugging him just because the school thinks he needs it... yes he is hyper/agressive sometimes... only fighting back because other kids pick at him... but by God surely there has got to be something I can do or give him thats not a DRUG... please any help or advise would be greatly appreciated... 6 weeks till school and dont know what to do.