I have had Addisons Disease since 1981. I also have several other conditions that require pain medication. I take Norco, and I just read (in an article through Google) that you should never take Norco if you have Addisons. I have been taking the Norco for several years now. Can anyone tell me why I should not take the Norco? I read several different articles on this, but no one told me why I should not take the Norco. I'm allergic to almost all other pain meds, so Norco is just about it. The other conditions I have do cause a lot of pain, but I'm wondering how many of these illness' might have been caused by taking Norco, having Addisons. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. So far, my choices are very limited. Going off of pain meds completely is out of the question, and now the Norco is not working as well, so it requires more, probably going to cause other things to go wrong. I will look for a response. Thank you