I was diagnosed in 1989, and I'm sure I have taken several generic brands for hydrocortisone due to the cost of Cortef. A few days ago, the phamacist gave me a mixed 90 day script containing 2 different generic brands (these 2 types were separated by cotton, so there were not mixed together). About 5 days ago, I started taking the first of the script. After a few days, I started to feel like I was heading toward a crisis. I had muscle cramps, several nausea, headche, weakness, etc. I retraced my steps to see what I had differently in those past few days, and the only thing I could think of was that I took a different generic brand for hydrocortisone. So, I quickly switched to the other pills at the bottom of the bottle, which I did recognize has having taken these before. I doubled up on my usual doses, and I am feeling so much better!! I called the pharm and explained to her, but she said that there is no difference in generic hydrocortisones. Would you please state your opinion on this matter? Thank you!