I was taking 1 mg of Klonopin and 300 mg of Luvox for my OCD, and during any11-day stay at a psych ward I told the doctor that I just don't think it's cutting it for me, so, they changed it up and put me on same 1 mg Klonopin, lowered 200 mg Luvox and 50 mg Anafranil and after 30 days I'm thinking I may feel at least somewhat noticeably better but it's hard with ocd because without solid proof or understanding of what's exactly going on in my brain I second guess how I may feel as wishful thinking placebo effect nonsense. I convince myself that my OCD is this monster that can't be defeated, so, if someone super knowledgeable about meds can explain (or someone who can figure it out from a medication encyclopedia or something) how exactly would this adding on of Anafranil to Luvox and Klonopin go towards helping my ocd if indeed that's what's going on Over my original regimen? How are they all working together? I read one person felt cured even on some message board with this mix (no klonopin though) is that possible. Being ocd about it, I'd just feel more comfortable understanding what this combination of drugs are doing to my brain, so that I won't freak as much thinking I'm imagining things if things appear briefly to feel better. Also, a side question. I read that blood work should be done after this mix is given but I never did that - I was never told to. I doubt doctors are that reckless so is it not necessary for my dosage? Is that after blood work not deemed necessary anymore or are they that reckless? Any information would be helpful thank you