i took a p450 blood test cuz i have horrible reactions to many mental health meds, i have a genetic mutation allowing me to not process mental health meds well. I do therapy twice a week & constant dbt training,meditate,everything i can to help my Bi polar 2 disorder. its been 10 yrs 2 prenancys, many many tears of why cant i be helped & im using all me other skills? im at the end of my rope have a business,& young kids, husband & home to run. the anxiety & quarterly rage outbursts are the worst as well as the emotion rollercoaster every hour of each day. ive been taking limictal and librium for 4 months after becomjng very dependant on klonopin for 4 years. im hoping the abilify will help & can possiblt take out the limictal. i know we r all different but any thoughts onthis would b great. i actually dont have much of the depression piece so i spose that helps. im still optomistic but im tired. i dont want to bring me or my family thru all these med changes & bi polar actions anymore