Zoloft doesn't do a thing for me. My psychiatrist of 14 years seems to have given up on me. He spent my last session telling me how I needed a hobby then went on for 20 minutes about his hobby? I was so upset! Over a week after that appointment my depression got even worse. It's been bad but it is really bad now. I'm barely functioning. I can barely get out of bed if it weren't for my kids I wouldn't do anything but lay in bed. While they are at school I sleep. When they get home I'm irritable and have a hard time playing with them and doing homework with them. By time 7pm rolls around I have no patience. I hate the way I feel and I hate how I'm most likely affecting my children. But my doctor's answer was to get a hobby. So I called him recently and told him I need something else. So he added Abilify (which I haven't filled it yet cause it's so so expensive!). I don't know whether to give it a shot or not. Since the Zoloft works do I try the Abilify or do I need to get a whole new med? I'm so lost and so sick of feeling like this.