Hello. I hope someone can help me with a quick response.

I may be imagining things, but I wanted to ask: this morning I found a broken light bulb on the passenger seat in my husband's car. I thought nothing of it (we've been doing some house maintenance, including changing light bulbs), but as I was putting it into trash, I noticed that it was coated with some white power on the inside, and in places the powder looked yellow, as if burned. I touched my finger to the inside and it stained like chalk on my skin. Then I did something stupid: I touched my tongue to the powder, as detectives always do in movies. Of course, I immediately realized it was stupid and spat it out. I don't know what I was looking for, either: was my tongue supposed to go numb if it was anything suspicious? In any event, it tasted like nothing and nothing happened, although for some 10 minutes afterward I thought I felt dizzy - but perhaps I imagined it as well.

So, my question: can there be an innocuous explanation of this? I did a quick search and found that "broken light bulbs" can be a way to do certain drugs. To my knowledge, in over 10 years of our married life my husband has never done any drugs, and it would shock me to no end to find out this was something more than a broken light bulb. On the other hand, he seemed positively panicked when I happened to be near his car (which he always keeps locked, even in our garage) and started talking about my invasion of his privacy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!