... woman to take. I made a mistake there is no way I could take that much, What I meant to ask is 4 15mg ( I break the 30's in half) too much to take, Heres why I asked that question. About a month ago I got pretty sick and ended up losing 6 pds over about 2 weeks. Im 5'2 and have a small frame so I'm a small person anyway but now I only weigh 100 pds. I have been taking pain pills for about 17 yrs. but over the last 3 yrs I've gotten progressively worse. I was taking 10-12 percocet 10/325 a day. About 6 months ago I switched to the roxy's and was taking 3-5 15mg. After I got sick and started trying to take the pills everyday like I was before I found that my body seems to be more sensitive to everything. When I take a pill now it seems to feel stronger than it did before. theres been a couple of nights that when I take the fourth pill it seems like I've Taken too much and its given me a panic attack. Its not just the pills, I used to drink 1-2 rockstar energy drinks a day and now they make me jittery. I always wait at least 4 hours before I take another pill. So there no way to overdose like that right? Why did my body all of a sudden become more sensitive to these pills? Ive been taking pills a long time and a lot more than 3-4 a day and nothing like this has ever happened. Im hoping someone can help me answer this question its really starting to scare me because Im afraid I may be taking too much