My husband is addicted to Roxies (roxicodene). He stole many things out of my home and pawned them, wrecked 2 cars because he was high and driving (thank goodness that no one was hurt!), punched holes in the walls, lied and manipulated me to no end, and failed a drug test and lost his job. After he did all of these things, I kicked him out because I will not have all of this around my 3 year old son. After I kicked him out, he started shooting up. Not to long after he went into in-paitent rehab which I really pushed him into doing because he didn't have anywhere to live. Since he has been out, things were really good at first. He got his old job back making $19 an hour and everything was awesome. But now I am starting to question if he is using again. He has stayed in bed all day on a few different occasions, not showering as often, acting weird but not like before so I am not sure if it is drugs, and he has called off work on a few Mondays. I think that he is using on Fridays and calling in on Mondays incase his job gives him a drug test, he will be able to pass it. I just dont want to accuse him and push him to think "well she is accusing me of doing it already, might as well go ahead and do it." What should I do? I love him and want him to be in my life but if he is using I just can't do it. I have to put what is best for my son first, and if that means that I have to leave him, I will do what I have to do.