... and got deep into heroin, patches, octane and some deep stuff. He has detoxed from that, but vicodin is his drug of choice but he went off on the deep end. He is now seeing a therapist that he has been seeing for many years, he goes to na. But I know he has relapsed and has been taking vicodin. I know when I look at him he is high on pills, I have even found them in his car. I have. Brought it to his attention, he always denies he is using and turns into a big argument. I never tell him I have found the pills, but he knows when I know. We are very connected. Even if I didn't find the pills I would still know. Whenever I bring it up to him if he is using, he lies and puts everything off on me and makes me feel like I did something wrong. If I tell him I found it in his hiding spot, then that too will be an argument. That is why I never tell him I found the pills in bis hiding spot in his truck. Do you think I should? But then it will look like I was snooping then that would be an argument. So he just says I am acting off of an assumption. But like I said he k.owe when I know. He always says, if I was using why would I be going to my therapist and going to my na meetings? I know he goes to the meetings high, but he will not take pills when he sees his therapist because he is not stupid. So how do I handle this? I hate the arguments but I can't just turn. My back and let him lie to me and allow him to self destruct. I just want him to be honest with me, I am willing to be there for him and he knows this but he still lies to me and blows up on me. How do I handle this, please help. How can I approach him? I have been going to al anon meetings for myself but I just need some guidance