... didn't advice it he took me off my scripts.I had to turn in what I had left henceforth invalidating my script & it's refill.I kept 8 of them in case I ran into some probs while quitting .not taking into thought that they were no longer legal to have in my system.I did my best to not touch them by Thurs March 13 I was ready to rip my hair out.I gave in and took 3 of my 30XR on March 14 i took 3 more and finished up taking the other 2 Sat March15th.That is 240 Mg.I am 34Yrs old,195lbs with a normal metabolism.Keep in mind it has been almost 2 weeks since i took my last pill.I want to make sure these prior scripts are out of my system before I make my Docs appointment.I will have to take a urine screen before he will issue my new script.I should have listened to my Doc.go figure the guy don't have that degree hanging on the wall for not knowing a thing or 2 about what he's talking about.Ive learned a lesson about being sneaky it didn't work when I was younger it sure backfired this time.Lessoned learned.Ive read enough of your posts to know you guys &Girls know your math.If it were one of you that had to make a dead accurate as close as it gets decision on how many days from March 16-2013 would it take or even hours before -you-would feel safe.You all are top of your game at figuring this equation out.-I'm sorry if what I did offends anyone,like I said this was a lesson learned.Thank you for your help-Sincerely JReich78