Hi everyone! So I'm on my 5th day of taking Adderall XR. No real terrible side effects for the first 4 days, just my fingers and toes getting a little cold/tingly along with my left arm. I will admit I took it off and on for the first 3 days because I wasn't on a very great schedule and needed to fix it before I started taking it regularly. Yesterday I woke up at 7:00, took 20mg of adderall and everything went great. Today I woke up at the same time. However, I've noticed pulsating, or jumpy, sharp pains around where the xiphoid and sternum meet. The pain seems to come in little blips or pulses, and only lasts for less than 30 seconds, but has happened multiple times today between 11:30 and now, 3:40. The first time I experienced it today, around 11:30, I happened to be having a particularly heated debate with a few online acquaintances. The situation was slightly stressful and or anxiety inducing, so i'm curious if that's the cause. I will admit I've been a bit anxious since experiencing it first, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is exasperating the sensation. I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and I had an EKG done 2 years ago. The EKG revealed nothing too harmful, just a minor heart "condition" similar to, but less severe than, mitral valve prolapse. Though from what I've read, not even mitral valve issues would be a cause for complications with adderall. My main questions are: Is this something that I should be concerned about or is it just part of starting adderall? They told me I would feel weird the first few times taking it, but I just want to be sure this isn't something more serious. Also, Has anyone else experienced something like this when starting adderall? Thank you for your time.

Edit: I'm also an 18 year old male if it matters.