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Does Adderall XR and Ativan cancel each other out?

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aball33 21 Jan 2013

Adderall is an amphetamine and ativan is a benzodiazipine. They do the exact oppisite so in another words yes they can cancel each other out.

DzooBaby 23 Jan 2013

No, they dont necessarily "cancel" each other out. You will still have the effects of both but taking Ativan could decrease the stimulant activity of Adderall XR and vice versa. Please be sure that your Drs know you are on both especially if they are prescribed by two different docs.

cupcake7667 23 Jan 2013

Agree with Dzoobaby. They don't "cancel" each other out. However as the first response explained one is a stimulant and other a benzodiazepam, they have different effects. If you take Adderall for ADHD, Adderall would have a calming effect, and Ativan is anti-anxiety. Now if you are on Adderall to pick you up per se, due to lethargy/sedation for other reasons, such as my case, from multiple opiates and benzos, then it should help you focus and stay alert (I know this as I have fibromyalgia and a long list of other ailments but all causing chronic pain that are treated with pain killers, muscle relaxers and benzos, my pain mgmt doctor prescribed Adderall to counter act the lethargy and sedation, so that I have energy during the day and stay focused.

BeefyScout 19 Feb 2015

In short answer,
Adderall speeds up reactions. Ativan slows down reactions.

My anxiety's a lot worse when I don't take Adderall, surprisingly. Adderall can help you keep calm and focused, and its short euphoric effect is pleasant when you suffer from panic related depression.

I usually take Ativan in the evening to come down off Adderall and relax myself. I'll also take a small dose before bed to avoid any troubled sleeping.

Now they don't necessarily cancel out each other, but there wouldn't be much purpose in taking something that helps you think and focus on one hand, and something that calms you down and sedates you on the other. Both of them produce a slight euphoric effect as well. free discount card

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