hi... i've been taking adderall IR since august 2011 and started adderall XR this past October... I also take 12 mg suboxone and 40 mg Celexa, daily. I've been feeling "not like myself" for probably a good couple months at least. I am starting to feel like I am bipolar, which i know sounds ridiculous, i wouldn't even pretend to diagnose myself, I know I am not bipolar, though i was diagnosed with depression years ago and have taken an anti-d as prescribed for many years now. The suboxone has been a life saver and i've taken it since October 2010, though I've tapered down my dosage. This leaves Adderall as the culprit, in my opinion. Is it possible that it is having a bad interraction with the Celexa or suboxone? My pdoc didn't seem to think this would be a problem, but I am having my doubts. I have mood swings, find myself having brief but powerful rage fits, and I have also turned into a cry baby and i absolutely hate it. I am very confused these last few days. I am seeing doc next week. I'm afraid i want off the adderall. Any info would be appreciated, if u can relate, or offer any valid opinions. Im feeling sad and unsure.