I have recently been diagnosed with ADD but supposedly its ADHD with a primarily inattentive subtype, however point being I was first on Concerta XR 52mg for close to 2 months(the least a month) but then I told my doctor the depression feeling had been bothering me and my ability to perform in sports at a excellent standard had dramatically lowered ever since I've been on Concerta. So he did not know how to solve the whole sports problem however he did then prescribe me with Adderall XR of 5mg and told me to slowly increase my dose 20mg or even 30mg if needed because he told me that a 52mg Concerta was the "equivalent" or close to the same amount. I started this process on March 25 and later told my mother that I think I found the right dosage because I thought I was concentrating during school but I think or I feel like it was because when I was on Concerta I was able to understand the lessons a lot better and since I started this process the week before school got out for Spring Break there were no new lessons given to us and all we really did was watch movies/played games and took notes, I also do remember myself not actively participating(academically) as much, mostly because I was talking to friends when were going over the previous lessons because I felt or I knew already what to do and there was no need in really listening as much. But when we weren't able to talk such as reading time stuff or when there was a handed out worksheet we did in class such as a crossword puzzle I did notice that I started getting a little distracted(often distracted) and less active in doing my assignment and began daydreaming from time to time and I was forgetful like before my meds but I told my self its most likely because I'm slowing increasing my ADHD meds. So I then got prescribed with Adderall XR 25mg on April 4th. And on the first day back from break(April 10th, I also took my pills during break) when my teachers started a new lesson I started noticing that I was getting distracted very often, and when I read instruction or even read a question I had to read it over and over to my self so many times that I skipped the question and later other questions because I simply couldn't understand it, and when my teacher asked me a question in front of the class I asked him to repeat it because I was unable to process the question fast enough and instead of me answering it my partner answered it instead, which I was suppose to answer because I was giving the information. So I now realized that my ADHD symptoms are back because the medication is not working just yet?- One of my IEP staff asked me if anything had changed from before and I told her everything that I said here except for how I started losing concentration because she asked if you are noticing that the Adderall medication is better than the Concerta and I told her I was more mild or I guess calmer than the Concerta because I thought before this conversation that I was having with her, that the Adderall was kind of working or slowly increasing on its own BUT she later told me that Adderall XR takes close to a month to actually have it start working and I then told my mother about this and she said that the doctor said that too but I didn't remember that or I was never told. So my question is, is that true? does it actually take a month on average to start noticing its effect(btw its been 10 days on my medication and I still feel my ADHD symptoms)? And if so does that mean I have to live with my ADHD symptoms for a month?