I started Adderall XR 2 weeks ago. I was on Vyvance for 3 months. went up from 30mg-70 mg. It worked for 2 months but the last month I got worst in being obsessive, talking a lot and being tired again (sleeping 14 hour days and still tired). My thyroid TSH seems normal along with my t4, but I think it is my Free-t3 that is messed up. I sleep all day and have been for 3 years, my personlaity is changing and I'm not confident anymore and sometimes I fee like a kid, I'm 33 years old.
already the adderall is starting to do the same thing Vyvance did. I get so tired that I get confussed and paranoid around people etc after the medication works for a few days, then the dose goes up and the only thing that chnages is my pulse from 80's to 135 and blood pressure 130's/80's to 160/100's and still, no energy or better concentration. I was wondering if anybody had this issue or heard of anybody having tis problem? I wonder how long I would have to go with out medictaion to get a proper thryoid test? I heard stimulants can be a anacurate test for somebody who has a messed up thyroid.