Hello, I am a 19 year old male living in the U.S.

I've recently started taking Adderall XR 20mg once a day for recently diagnosed ADHD about a week ago. I went to the Dr. when I was curious about symptoms I was having that were very similar to ADHD, but I wasn't sure and I didn't want to diagnose myself so I got checked out. This was not the only problems I was having, I was suffering from insomnia, fatigue at all hours, no energy what so ever, and absolutely no motivation. He ended up diagnosing me with ADHD and put me on Adderall XR 20mg once a day, and Ambien 5mg at bedtime. These medications were a miracle and have significantly improved my sleep, energy, motivation, mood, anxiety/depression, and my ADHD symptoms. I have a few questions regarding the medications, mainly the Adderall, I also have seizures and am prescribed Keppra 500mg 2x a day. When I take the Keppra I'm typically fine, but when I stop for a day or two, it's almost definite that one will trigger, and I've never experienced a trigger for my seizures (is that normal?). Will this medicine conflict with my Keppra and cause me to have seizures or should I be fine? Adderall has helped tremendously but it hasn't solved all my ADHD problems, is it also possible that I may need an instant release to go along with it, or maybe a higher dosage? Also will any of the follow medications conflict with Adderall as I also have a prescription for them: Ambien, Fiorciet, Keppra. My doctor did something a bit strange when I was prescribed the Adderall, he took off my Effexor 150mg once a day, and my Buspar 15mg twice a day and told me to stop them completely. Is that typically normal or can it act as an anti-depressant as well? As I said I was recently diagnosed and I'm 19, is it possible for symptoms to start a little later in your life? This also happened with my seizures which started when I was 17(what could cause this to happen?).

Sorry for the lengthy post, I've never been one to write about my problems to online forums, but I feel like this is necessary, as I want to know as much as I possibly can about my health and medications I'm taking and how they will affect me. Knowledge never hurt anyone!

Sorry for the grammatical errors, I haven't been in school since I was 14.
Thanks everyone for reading about my problems :)