I am 18 and I weigh 150lbs. I want to be normal.

Last november I drove my car into a car that was stopped in the road to turn as friends screamed my name i just drove the road. I do not remember a 20 second gap leading up to the crash but my friend tapped me maby a second before I hit and from then on including the crash is clear as day.

My current Diagnosis are mild sleep apnea woke up 10 times an hour 2 from oxygen deprivation 4 because I stopped breathing and 4 unexplained awakenings. Severe ADD tested bottom 1 percentile.

Always been add i think but around 4 years ago I started having an obsession with sleep too tired for fun.

I am able to take up to 100mg of adderall in a day prescribed 60mg a day (10mg tablets so i can pick when i function) along with 200mg provigil (works) but my insurance will not cover provigil or nuvigil. I take as little adderall as possible but some days require more attention therefore a higher dose. I fight to keep my weight from dropping. In the past i have tried vyvanse 70mg mostly kept me awake but crashed in all it was worst. Concerta affected me mentally and 54mg didnt do a thing to keep me awake. I took 200mg of provigil and a few hours later i had to take a nap. 400mg of provigil kept me awake for about 6 hours but my attention wasnt too good. After being tested for my ADD on 20mg of adderall i was still in the ADD range by quite a lot idk how accurate these psychologist test are. Currently I am on 30mg of adderall surviving.

Only one sleep study was done, I probably need to get the narcolepsy sleep study but i cant afford to be off stimulants for enough time to be tested and since I have sleep apnea diagnosis i can get provigil i just need a way to afford it...