... most of the time, and just stayed to myself! He prescribed me Fluoxetine (prozac) 20mg once a day and vyvance 30mg once a day. I took both of these every morning along with introvale birth control. At first my emotions seems like a roller coaster then but I could definitely see a difference. I was happier and had a better out look on everything! After a month my Dr sent me back to see him and changed my medicine to 15mg Amphetamine (adderall ) twice a day and 40mg Fluoxetine (prozac) once a day. This is my second day with the new scrip and I don't feel as energized as with the vyvance. I'm currently 18 and weigh 110 and I have notice a loss in appetite, which I don't what to lose more weight! Is this an unhealthy dose and what are some compilations with take such a high does of both medicines together?