Currently I adm on adderall. Two 15mg tabs a day. I've been on this for three months. At first the med was working but now when I take it, I can start my daily chores but have trouble finishing them. I have told this to my therapist but tells me nothing different than the previous session. I am aware that its more professional to ask my doc but being able to talk to people who have/are TAKEN or are taking gives me a better prospective of what and how the med works for someone. In the past I was on focalin. Horrible drug (my opinion). With having migraines, it only amplified and prolonged my migraines. So my question is : can anyone give me some suggestions as to what might work for me. I know different meds work different various people. No offense but please no copy n paste. I'd really like to talk to people who have tried or take these meds. Thank you for reading this. Any and all responses will help.