... where I am taking 20mgXR once daily.
My question is that I'm afraid my dr might think I'm drug seeking. I was taking 30mgXR daily for about a week. But it seemed too strong. So I called and asked for a smaller dose, he told me to take the original adderalls he had prescribed. But I told him that I threw them away because he had discontinued them. I do this with all my medications when they are discontinued. He wanted me to wait a couple of days until my appointment to give me the smaller dose, but I insisted that he give me the smaller dose to last those couple of days. He did rx me 2 pills to last until I see him on Friday morning.
When I was at the pharmacy I asked her what I am supposed to do with extra meds and she said that they do a biannual take back, and to just keep them in a safe place until then.
So, I guess my question is, is my dr going to take me off of the adderall because I asked for more pills in a smaller dose when I should have had some left over from the previous script? I honestly had no idea that I was supposed to save them, I truly thought that you were supposed to get rid of meds as they were discontinued. I thought it was not ok to hoard them. Maybe I'm over thinking it. But the adderall is working very well, except for when it worked too well, and I don't want him to take me off of it. It was an honest mistake.
Any advice or reassurance would be greatly appreciated. Am I overthinking this?