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Adderall - who is the manufacture of this drug for financial support?

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1 Sep 2013

Teva makes it. If you look on the label of the bottle, somewhere in small letters it will tell you the manufacturer. You can also try for assistance with any meds.

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1 Sep 2013

They will not give assistance due to shortages from the FDA on the amhetmines in adderall or there two generics. It's not the companies prices its bc the FDA cut off there supply so it makes the price of the drug double bc the demand is so high. It's either you pay that price or ask for another med from your doc. I been asking for assistance the last two years and they say call the FDA. I either wait for it to come in or drive 100 miles for it. Google it.

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Factfinder411 1 Sep 2013

They have so many people willing to pay big bucks for the drug and such a small supply. They don't have to give discounts.

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