I have clinical depression and anxiety (mild to moderate) as well as ADHD and I was diagnosed about 7 months ago, which is the same time I started taking meds. I now take 30 mg of Prozac at night and Adderall XR 30 mg as needed and if I do not need it to last the whole day (when I am not in school or on a day where I have no work) I just take the short acting 10 mg of Adderall. I noticed that ever since I started taking Adderall, my moods would cycle into depression and some sort of mania at different time intervals (like every 1/2 hour or every hour or every few hours). I also have energy swings.
Adderall in general does do wonders I have to say, I can focus but this side effect is scary. Do I just have to tough this out because all meds have side effects or do I switch? I talked to my psychiatrist and he is reluctant to add a mood stabilizer or even change my anti depressants because he said its too soon to see if they work and he doesn't want me on three medications at once.
I hear the common experience that people medication journey takes a long time (for depression and anxiety in particular) so I highly doubt I got it right on the first try since... I'm still depressed a lot of the time, and since I am not conscious and aware that I have these mood disorders, that fact even is more depressing and is a thought I ruminate with. It seems like I am not getting clear answers from my psychiatrist. Is he right? Do I change? Is anyone else out there having similar experiences?