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My adderall made me really anxious and tweaked, is it okay to have just a couple shots of liquor?

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lmac4 27 Dec 2014

Im sure you have already made your decision by now, but I would not recommend drinking on adderall. I know many people that do drink and take adderall, but I have also known people that had serious side effects to drinking on this drug. Be careful!! Try to wait the symptoms of the adderall out. The symptoms you are feeling will soon go away

shadowace01 27 Dec 2014

thank you for the great advice but I just went ahead and road it out. this adderall is a strange drug to me.

Delila 27 Dec 2014

Hi i agree with Imac... please read the following results from the interactions checker and then make your decision...,1034-14582

shadowace01 27 Dec 2014

I just went ahead and road it out. when it comes to medication like that I don't like to take chances.thank you again.

Quando62 27 Dec 2014

PLEASE DO NOT!!! I have first hand experience from taking Adderall and Bourbon together for the same reason and wroke up in the ER...

balbanese 28 Dec 2014

I would not advise it. I see this was posted almost 2-days ago (been away I have), so, next time... free discount card

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