I've been taking adderall for over 10 years for ADHD and the effectiveness has dropped significantly in recent months. I have an appointment scheduled to discuss this with my physician, but I'm worried that the only viable solution will be to increase the dosage. I'm already taking 80mg a day, 40mg morning/40mg afternoon. I've tried many different ways to maintain effectiveness; not taking the meds for several days, eating healthier, staying hydrated. It's to the point where the only real benefit from the medication is the alleviation of discomfort that I experience when not taking it. I've been steadily gaining weight, sleeping more and feeling very lethargic. My body does not seem to react at all to the stimulant effects, most days I force myself to wake up around 7am, take 40mg with a glass of water but then immediately fall back asleep until noon, sometimes well into the afternoon. I work from home and the lack of motivation and energy is starting to significantly effect my livelihood.

Any advice or direction would be much appreciated. I desperately wish to regain the feeling of control over my daily life.

28 year old male, 240 pounds