I was prescribed adderall from age 20 ( almost 21) to about 25 or so. It worked well but side effects were a bit annoying especially after years of use. My tolerance went up after maybe a year but then stayed the same for the remaining years. I was off the drug for about two years and am now back on it. My tolerance is the exact same as when I stopped. I am now also prescribed klonopin (0.50mg) for anxiety. Getting off adderall wasn't a big deal but I understand getting of a benzodiazepine can be quite rough. Again I just started the klonopin at 0.5mg as needed for about a month. Obviously the KP works great for anxiety. I can go out to stores or whatever and finally feel completely normal ( my anxiety attacks have always been in public so it must be social anxiety. sometimes its something that I don't think I would consider an "attack" but just unreasonable anxiety for unreasonable reasons). I had some anxiety attacks in the past 4 years or so that made me very shaky, heart racing and just wanting to flee. It was most often in situations where I had to fill out a form and was unable to write ( if I had to fill out a basic form at the dentist or a gym for example) and my writing was almost totally unreadable. My doc said it sounded like an anxiety attack (I don't know if there is a difference between that and a panic attack) The KP has completely fixed that. But because I'm also on adderall I'm taking the KP to come down from the adderall at night. Is this a really bad idea? My doc is also interested in putting me on an antidepressant but I put it off for at least the next month. Also when I was off the adderall I was able to work a warehouse job (which required almost no brain activity) with no problem and enjoyed feeling "normal" and like myself. After awhile the job was simply a bad place to be and I was ready to leave. About one week before leaving my father died and I haven't really worked at all and really needed something to get me out of this hole I've gotten into.
Anyone have any experience or advice with this type of drug combination/situation? Any advice or just stories would be greatly appreciated.