Hi i was recently prescribed adderall xr 20 mg and am wondering if taking provigil with this would deminish the positive effects of adderall? I have a prescription for provigil and think it might help to take it in the afternoon as the affects of adderall seem to wear off and i tend to have a 'crash' feeling. i am also curious to see if benzo's have any negative effects when combined with adderall. i am perscribed ativan as needed for anxiety but if i take the adderall in the morning and if i need to take the ativan at night would this interupt the adderalls effects the next day? also how does tolerance play with adderall? i am takking weekends off to keep my tolerance low and to not get addicted is this worth doing as the days im off the adderall my add symptoms come back full swing. is it possible to still feel the effects of adderall even if taken everyday or does tolerance come into play only when adderall is abused? any help would be appreciated. thank you:)