I am 57 & female w/ ADD. I am considering not taking for a while to see if insomnia improves. i live
with such an extreme deficit of sleep that fatigue is overwhelming &
interfering with life. i am married & have a wonderful life but the fatique is so great that the lack of sexual desire is almost unimportant (to me).
i have been taking XR-adderall for years. when i rarely must skip a dose
then i feel very tired and i feel distracted, of course, but if stopping the medication helps me sleep then i will deal with the lack of an attention-span somehow & drink green tea to energize. i have totally sleepless nights & a majority of nights from 2 hrs-to-3 hrs. it is so very rare that i sleep a 7-hr.+ night and when that happens then i feel unbelievably great !!! i then have energy (and then s-desire improves.) i have always been an 8+ hr./night person. using an OTC sleep aid (i.e. "Sleep MD" or melatonin 6/mg, etc.) does not really improve sleep for me.