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Adderall - I heard adderal makes u lose weight is that true?

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Inactive 24 May 2010

Yes!! my son is on adderall he almost goes the whole day not eating. I had to recently take him to the doctor cause he lost 10 pounds in one week and he already only weighs 60 pounds it was not a pretty sight. She almost took him off the medicine cause of that but we figured out a way to keep him on it and gain weight. She prescribed him something else for the weight control. Yes it definantly keeps you from having an appetite at all.

redheadjma 15 Jul 2010

mrspage82, Our 6 yr old Daughter has been on Adderall for almost a year. It hs been FANTASTIC for her ADHD, but she has not gained any weight to speak of in that year. We are very concerned and try everything to get her to eat... What did your Dr. prescribe for weight control. I hate to give her one Med to offset the sideffects of another Med, but we need to consider the options.

ghostbones 27 Oct 2010

I started Adderall during August and it is now November (almost). Since then I've dropped 30 pounds (Was 125. Now 95). I force myself to eat at least 400 calories a day. free discount card

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