I'm 19 and I used to take concerta when I was really young in the singles and my parents took my off instaly and I herd that can mess up your head (I now have major depression, anxiety, and a little OCD, I just got back on concerta and celexa for a month, and last night 11/05/15 switched to 20mg adderall Ir, and doubled my celexa, to 20mg, I took them around 10. and 11/06/15 I hAvent slept or feel tired, I also tool two 11/06/15, and today I was just sitting outside, just finished a cigg started driping sweat, heartbeat got fast after and felt like I was gonna pass out,.is this normal the first week or few days. I'm 5"7, 130, ( weight loss from old meds) and have a low tolerance to drugs and alcohol, I don't drink a lot just on special occasions, but been smoking.bud for I would say 5 months and everyday for the past month and still low.tolerance but not as much before. Please give your imput.and.experience and answers. I have felt great nonstop and not depressed sense last night. And I have been grinding my teeth