I was diagnosed with ADD 6 months ago. I started off with 10mg XR and it did nothing so my doctor bumped me up to 20mg. It worked like a charm, like putting on a new pair if glasses. However I had some side effects I was worried about. I noticed my throat felt very tight for a while. I could breathe just fine, it just felt constricted. I noticed chest tightness also. But this was around the time I had finals. I'm in an accelerated nursing program, so Im having trouble deciphering whether it's the adderall causing the chest tightness or the constant stress/anxiety from school. I can also sometimes feel my heart pounding. I should note that when I started taking adderall I switched to half-caff coffee. Finally, my hands get very sweat and cold when I take it. Im always wiping my hands and taking notes is almost impossible because my hands are constantly sweaty. I would love some advice as to whether I should try going down to 15mg or asking my doctor to try a different med altogether? I really appreciate the advice!