I recently went to a primary care doctor after recomention from a psychatrist that i might be ADHD(couldve have gotten treated by pshycatrist but he was more than i could afford) He screened me, and diagnosed me as adhd. the screening was 6 questions. Im not really sure what i was expecting, but atleast something a little more thurough than that. if youre familiar with adhd im sure you know what questions they ask, all of the questions struck a bell with me but one, the one about feeling like you are driven by a motor. he prescibed me adderall 10mg once a day on class day to test the waters and told me to come back in a month so we could decide if that dose was too high, too low, he didnt really go into any detail about the condition, symptons or how the meds work. (dose was too low, i took 10mg looked at my homework and took a nap, haha) i realize he's a general doctor and not a specialist on the subject, but if youre doling out diagnosis, i generally want to know what exactly i have been diagnosed with, and what it entails. so it kind of made me nervous that i didnt relate to the driven by a motor question and it worried that i might not have ADHD at all but taking medication for it. After my own research, ive concluded that i do in fact have ADHD primerally inattentive type. i have also concluded that it is not late onset, bc i have always didplayed these symptoms(i still even have specific memories from 1st and 2nd grade that could probably be related). im obviously not a doctor, but i know my my behavior and thought patterns better than anyone else could. i know myself and the way i think but im not in anyone elses mind and im not a doctor that is educated on how a heathly brain should function which is why i never sought help with it in the first place, i just assumed the way my brain works is the same as everyone around me. since the 10mg didnt do anything, i took it upon myself to up my dosage to 2 pills, and my thoughts can finally go in a pace that is slow enough for me to connect them to eachother and i can find things interesting for long enough to actually absorb them, im becoming more motivated. i saw my doctor today, basically just told him 10mg was too weak and i that i wanted to see if it could help me with day to day things im wanted to take it daily thoughout the day to see if that helped the things that are sub par in my day to day life, so he prescribed 20mg twice daily. but again he didnt really give me any insight about how i should feel while on the medication, things to look for to know if the dosage is correct.he's just kind of letting me guess at it. So im finally to my question... how do you know that youre taking the correct dosage? im assuming that the benifits would at some point platuea. Most of the symtoms are not complely definative and can be skewed, and most are so common to everyone at some point, but now i realize they are not generally so chronic or have such a large effect on day to day life. so how do you know if what youre expiencing is a symptom that can still be improved on by medication, or just part of the human condition? how do you choose a dosage? trial and error? im content with this current dose. but how do you know if a higher dose could be more beneficial and what point do you decide that youre recieving the peak benefits when youre not sure what they are. its like when i was young and needed glasses, i had no idea i needed glasses, i just assumed that blurry was how things looked, it wasnt until a school eye exam that the nurse realized i needed glasses and once i got them, i was amazed at how crisp and clear lines were, i had no idea thats what everyone else was already seeing with 20/20 vision. but with ADD the lines arent so clear, so how do you know when youre at 20/20?