Symptoms anyway. Numerous times fall asleep during the day at regular activities, and or doze out to space and forgetful. driving/riding in a car down the road, very fatigued and tired throughout the day at times. What would be the way to even talk to my doc about it and even more baffled how to approach my wife about it?¿ Ok, I'm a family man and we attend church reg, with 5 kids and 6th on the way. I have a dark and partysome past with drugs/alcohol but been sober for 8-9 yrs. an occasional beer but not to get drunk, just having a beer. I'm really afraid my doc and my awesome wife of 18 yrs of marriage together will just think I'm after a high. I have some depression issues I think as well. Plz any advise is appreciated, I really don't know how to handle this. (Sry so lengthy)