Ive bn on adderall for bout 6 months now. Started on low dose XR then switched to the IRs. They worked up front but then wore off before I even got to work. So I told my doc maybe go back to the XRs with a bit higher dose. 30s to be exact. Its bn 2 weeks now. Doesnt seem like theyre helping anymore. Im aware that your body gets used to them. I really hate taking the darn things but I promised my doc and family that Id follow through with it all. : ( Anyways, Im not sure how to approach my doc. Sometimes she looks at me like im a nut ! But the therapists have no idea how this shit makes you feel. Only we do ! They only think they do because theyre the, ones on the opposite side of the desk. Ya kno ? Please help me. Any and all will help. Thanks.