I am adhd supposedly, I have severe insomnia and have 4 day bouts of no sleep. I wont drive on day 3. I am on so many meds that I feel like there must be just one that can do what this huge regiment is trying to do..I currently take: adderall, ambien, zyprexa, sertraline, propranolol, lamictal, and clonazepam. One of those is for my slightly high bp. but my god look at all of those meds. My life has been ruined by the adhd since when I was young they didnt have adhd - in the 3rd grade my parents took me to a child psychiatrist who said I was hyperactive..I would have "episodes" of so much energy that I begged my parents to kill me. Recently I had a 4 day no sleep episode(theyre usually only 2 day's) - I called my doctor to see about getting some triazolam since it use to work fairly well. She told me that I should go to the hospital since she has been trying to help me with this for 6 years. I went and while talking to the receptionist I said "i havent slept in 4 days and I was so miserable I'd rather be dead". (Its just a manor of speaking, I wasnt seriously wishing to be dead)..anyway - they took me to an in patient mental hospital with guards! I was there for a week, seeing a psychiatrist. I told him that I really just can never sleep. He gave me ambien, which totally did nothing for me. So he added ?? trazadone?? I think it was called to help the ambien "kick in". It was a dud. Here is the big question... is there anything that in ONE pill that can keep me calmed down during the day. ANd a sleeping pill that is a guaranteed sleep? I feel like im taking placebo's all of the time, or that my doctor is afraid of giving me a major drug for sleep. I am use to living on zero sleep, but damn I wish I could. My adhd and insomnia have cost me my marriage of 18 years, and soon my bussiness of 26 years I fear is going to collapse due to the fact that I cant organize and sort and keep on top of soo many important things. I feel like Ive lost my marbles... Is there any one out there who has any suggestions? What the heck is wrong with me? I am only happy when im at work, I do have pretty bad depression and a few weeks ago actually experimented with taking my life... I dont know what to do and I have no people in my life to point me in the right direction. This story could go on for pages, but I hope the point gets through. Thank you for any suggestions or help any of you can offer. Sincerely fallentim