i have bipolar disorder. i take 1 300mg lithium and 1 300mg neurontin at 5am... then i sleep for about 2 hrs because i'm so tired from it... i have to be awake and functioning for work at 8am so i take 1 10mg immediate release adderall and then another 1 10mg adderall at 12pm. since i want to space my lithium by 12 hours, i take my second 300mg lithium at 5pm along with a 300mg neurontin, a 5mg abilify and a 200mg lamictal... when should i take my middle dose of neurontin since i should be taking it tid? is it safe to take in between adderalls? i don't want to send my body mixed signals with adderall raising my heart rate and everything else lowering it. i worry about cardiovascular health and the fact that i have a difficult time falling asleep regardless of when and what i take. i've tried 1 to 2mgs of klonopin at night but often waking up short of breath and gasping for air... any suggestions? i take a lot of shit but i've been mentally stable and functioning on this combo for years now.