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Will adderall added to my klonopin, zoloft and seroquel help my concentration and attetion span pr?

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Trinabell 25 Sep 2013

Hey BlowherUp. It should. At 1 time my drug therapy included Seroquel & Lorazepam so I was lethargic a lot from them but once adderall was added it seemed to counteract the sleepy fog I'd been living in. Once that fog lifts every thing shifts back into focus & then you realize just how dull your perspective truly was. For me it didn't really clear til the 2nd dose but your klonopin is a bit stronger then lorazepam so it may take a little longer to kick in fully for you too. Good luck take care any other questions just ask

K-Lab 25 Sep 2013

If you take your Klonopin daily then Adderall may make your anxiety symptoms worse. I am prescribed Valium and Xanax for anxiety but I've never had a panic attack or horrible anxiety while on Adderall, I guess because it actually calms me down. The nice thing about being prescribed a benzo (your Klonopin) and a stimulant (Adderall) is that it will help you focus but it won't give you an edgy/too much coffee/speedy feeling. Just make sure you notice how the Adderall makes you feel and if it's negative then let your doc know right away. There are other drugs out there for "concentration and attention span pr," that are not stimulants so if you have a negative side effect with Adderall you have other choices too.

TotalMess 25 Sep 2013

from my experience having taken everything you mentioned except the adderall i believe it can and most likely will, hope this helps good luck free discount card

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