I started Adderall XR 20mgs 2 x a day 3 years ago.(Shire) They worked wonderfully, until Actavis came into the picture. I was taken off of them last year mid August due to pregnancy. Last week I was put back on by my doctor who tried to prescribe my regular dose, but insurance wouldn't cover the 2 x a day. I took it 1 time a day, for 2 days and it seemed to work fine, but then it stopped. He then added a 10mg IR for noon, which isn't helping much now either. I can somewhat focus alittle, but only to a certain extent. I'm extremely tired (sleep 9 hours at night) and my depression is just blah again. I don't know if it's the Generic version of Actavis 20mg XR that just doesn't work, I've seen other boards saying it did nothing at all. The 10mg is by Teva. I took it today at 3pm and I'm ready for a nap (5pm). Is it the generic that's the problem or the dosage? Next month I'm going to try a different manufacturer of Adderall, by Global Pharm and see how that goes. I just wanted to see what everyone else's thoughts would be, before I call my doctor again and tell him the issue.