Ive been taking 30 mg XR for 6 years went to the doctor last week because the 30mg XR has been wearing off after about 5 hours and it is now negatively impacting my job. The doctor switched me to 15 mg IR twice a day which is even worse because it lasts for about 2 hours after taking it and that is it.

My best friend went to the same doctor a week before me, she has been prescribed 30MG XR for 1 year the doctor switched her to 30mg IR twice a day.

I feel that the doctor made a mistake either with my dosage or hers, she says hers is working great. I am just confused because this was taking a step back not forward for me. While I was there she did at first say I would get 30mg IR twice a day and I said so 60mg total then I pointed out that 15mg twice a day would equal 30mg she just stopped and said you're confusing me then silence for 10 minutes then she said have a good day didn't even say anything about the script and that was it.

Keep in mind I have not got my dosage upped in any way in 6 years, I am 23 years old and my best friend is 22 years old.