My name is Andrew, I a 21 and have been on adderall ir 10mg 2x a day for 3 years.

I have never abused this drug and only use it to help my ADD/ADHD. For the past year I have taken no breaks from adderall and if I don't take it, I feel completely useless and in a haze. But when I do take it I am either extremely irritable or happy and feeling good, but cannot concentrate on schoolwork. I feel like I want to be off of it, but i'm scared I might be worse off without it in school and work. It feels like it is controlling me and that it is more of a burden, because most days I take it I feel zoned out, and I feel like it is harder to make friends, and be sociable. I've been on it for my college career and so far haven't made a single friends, as opposed to before adderall, when I felt sociable. when I first started taking it I was extremely social and studious and everything was perfect, but after about a year that went away. Please share with me your input and experiences