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I take adderal for energy and I am not add. I now have some vyvanse will it give me energy as well?

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9 Jan 2013

Hi X- I know of people taking adderrall for narcolepsy , energy I guess, but very few. But I would guess that taking the two together would be a waste of either drug, they are both in same family (roughly). Also, I am not sure you are getting these prescribed or not but don't take two of them on top of each other . Use the adderrall and save the Vyvanse for a rainy day. But please be careful if not getting these prescribed, they can wear on your dopamine levels esp if you dont have add or adhd. thanks for question, and feel free to ask more if need to as I am on adderrall for adhdthanks RC4,

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xtinamarie 9 Jan 2013

Thanks no I don't get the adderal from a dr but I have major sleeping issues and get them from a friend here and there but the vyvanse I did get from a theropist. Just some samples to see if they help my mind stay in one place.. I tend to start on project and stop in the middle and start another to the point I have 4 to 6 things half done and I get upset with myself not understanding why I'm like this in almost everything I do so this lady is thinking I am ADD but I never thought I could be... so I just took the adds to give me a pick me up to get things done when I would have a hard time sleeping the night before.. one day I can sleep all day 16 plus hours and still be tired and others stay up for 48 plus hours... I just hear the adds are bad for your heart and I notice when I take them I get lots of energy but it also comes with a bad headache and sometimes chest pains.. thanks for your help...

linda0014 1 Sep 2013

I take Adderall for energy to clean really good, I do not have adhd or add, just get them from a friend, my gf now has vyanse im wondering if its the same as adderalls? does it give you engery the same way as the Adderall does? does anyone know... Vyanse 20mg thanks in advance!

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