Growing up I was constantly labeled by teachers as easily distracted, it was a problem later on in high school but I shrugged it off since the work was easy. Now in college where I have a job and school it is causing major problems for me to stay focused in class, study, and submit projects to work (I mainly work from home). I procrastinate a lot no matter how much I plan ahead and do everything I can to stay focused, nothing seems to work. In fact I'm supposed to be writing a 5 page essay right now.

At college I am told by my school doctor that to get treated I have to go through a large process to be diagnosed (and hope its truly ADHD/ADD) and spend $600+ out of pocket. I don't have money to spend on that and my current therapist doesn't prescribe. I have to get my lexapro from my primary care doc for instance.

I guess I'm kind of at my low and starting to give up on this but I want to know if theres another way that costs less. I go to school in DC but I live in Connecticut and I definitely want to take care of this there for insurance purposes.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.