I am currently taking vyvanse50mg.& xnax xr0.5mg I have a history of addiction, alcohol,amphetamines mainly.. I was diagnosed with adult add and before then was prescribed antidepresants at least 5 different kinds none of those seemed to help at all. The vyvanse has helped greatly, I knew I had add all along but no medical professional would listen to me. I used illegal amphetamines as a means of self medicating, because they made me able to concentrate and also calmed me. I have now been clean for 3 months and do not have strong urges to use. However I'm struggling with depression and anxiety, alot stems from past regrets, for example in my addiction I would not sleep for sometimes 6 to 8 days and there is alot I do not remember about the things I did and had alot of hallucinations and not sure what was real or what was a hallucination due to a crazy lifestyle. This went on heavy for months moving from hotel to hotel because my wonderful wife could not handle the insanity,and I just wanted to isolate. I had 5 years clean time before and made a great life for myself, I also helped others overcome addictions, but even during those five years I struggled focusing (racing thoughts) and some depression. Does it just take time or should I inquire about another medication. Although I have made improvements I'm really struggling just to make it through each day. Sometimes I just shut down overwhelmed by the smallest things... I am seeing an addiction counsler/therapist and also read alot about addiction/add/depression/and anxiety. How do I get out of this funk I am in I feel helpless I pray and read the bible and still nothing. Sometimes I feal like I'm going to lose it and its taking a heavy toll on my marrage If you have any suggestions about different medications or compatable ones please let me know... THANKS