Hi, I hope I can get some advice. I'm on 45 mgs of Adder all (30 XR when I wake, 15 IR six hours later ). The Adderall helps somewhat, in terms of focus as well as helping with my anxiety. Keeping busy helps me not stew in anxious thoughts. I've always been one on the go, hands busy. The Adderall does not stimulate me, it drops me down a peg, and helps me think of what I'm about to do. Unfortunately, it has lost most of it's ability to help me focus, and anxious thoughts come flooding in. Is there an alternative to Adderall that will help someone like me, or something along side of it I can take for focus? Also, is there an anti anxiety med that won't make me sleepy, or useless which makes my anxiety even worse? I understand my question requires several answers. Another note, Wellbutrin made me panic in what could be considered a state of delusion so that's off the table. Thank you in advance. I am looking to be normal. Where thoughts are in line, one track at a time. Where I don't second guess every step, then fold in anxiety.